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The REDKOR Branding Experience

REDKOR helps you get better business results through effective and consistent
branding, messaging, and marketing.

More Leads

Consistent, clear, and emotionally-driven branding and messaging make it easy for customers to understand the value you offer.

Increased Sales

Brand loyalty means better sales! It’s the byproduct of aligning your team and answering your customers’ needs.

Higher Retention

With reliable data on your target market, you can create campaigns that win business over and over again, creating life-long customers.

Free 5 Minute Brand Check Up

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Transform Your Approach to Marketing

As the business owner, marketing manager, high-level executive, or team leader, you’ve been entrusted with some big marketing goals (and are probably operating with limited resources). 

But getting your entire team to create a consistent brand and promote the same message is hard… the customer data on which efforts are based is incomplete or nonexistent, your marketing budget is all over the place, and you’re worn out trying to create and run a “New Marketing Plan” every quarter.

What you really want is a consistent, long-term playbook that is easy to implement across the board and produces easy-to-measure results. 

Travis Christofferson
Travis Christofferson
I have worked with Rushford and Redkor for 5+ years now, creating two new brands and rebranding two others. Their ability to bring life to design and strike emotion with our customers has been paramount to the success of our brands. I have recommended them to many others and will continue to do so. Quality work and a professional experience.
Nathan Shaw
Nathan Shaw
Great experience working with Redkor! I have to admit I was wondering if the investment would be worth it and the work behind it, but when we got to our final design we were THRILLED with the results. Great to work with and very good quality!
Brett Nielsen
Brett Nielsen
Rushford and the broader Redkor team were a delight to work with. They were expert in their ability to help us understand ourselves better as a business and then help frame that into clear messaging, branding, logos, colors etc...The were also excellent in follow-up and patient when we needed time to work through our own internal timelines. I would recommend Redkor to anyone looking for a brand (rebrand) and marketing plan.
Karla “KThomas” Thomas
Karla “KThomas” Thomas
We have loved working with Redkor during our rebranding process. We are not fast decisions makers and Rushford has been so patient with us as we start and stop and make some sharp turns. He has guided us in the right direction as we make decisions together. His help has been invaluable as we go down a path we know nothing about! He also has a great team that have been terrific to work with. We would highly recommend them.
Chad Hirschi
Chad Hirschi
Our team and clients alike absolutely love our rebrand! The journey of rebranding can be overwhelming. Rushford and his team at RedKor eased any and all of our reservations. Their approach is engaging and well defined. As part of the journey we obtained incredible information/ feedback from our team and clients pertaining to our products/ total service offering. Incorporating this feedback into our rebrand was essential. This unified us as we came together in our rebrand. We continue to use Rushford and his team. We greatly value the relationship we have developed over the years working together.
Ron Gailey
Ron Gailey
Rushford and the Redkor team have been wonderful to work with. They are smart and they always take the time to do things right. Thanks for the support. Ron
Bart Mills
Bart Mills
The best at what they do! When it come to brand creation no one come close to RED! Their vision and execution is next level. Will defiantly use again.
Peter Skaggs
Peter Skaggs
We engaged RedKor several months ago and have since hired them to do other projects for us. We love working with them. The clarity they provide from the feedback they received from our clients is invaluable. They do amazing work and have helped us align our brand and marketing message. I HIGHLY recommend RedKor. They are fantastic!!!
Bentley Folkman
Bentley Folkman
Redkor has to be the most customer centric brand agency I have worked with. They have a great process for getting your brand identity on paper and really roll out the red carpet with you throughout the process. My team felt empowered as we worked with them and we are very happy with the results.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones
Rushford and his team are phenomenal. They helped us with a rebrand and messaging and I couldn't have been happier. Rushford knows when to listen and when to push back creating a very collaborative environment. Also, the ladder work that they did on our messaging side was extraordinarily helpful.

Using Research to Increase ROI

At REDKOR, we blend the science behind successful branding with an artful approach to give you a Brand & Marketing Playbook that will guide your marketing efforts for the long-term. 

You can finally rest easy, knowing…

  • What you’re doing will work.
  • You’re not reinventing the wheel.
  • You’re using the right people (and not too many of them!).
  • You’ll get tangible results and build equity in your brand and message. 

It all starts with customer research—that’s the first step in building a brand that works, and it’s what makes REDKOR different.

3 Steps to a Brand That Converts

Many people think branding begins and ends with a color scheme and logo, but the REDKOR process is so much more! Schedule a free brand review today and discover how starting with customer research to develop a comprehensive plan will bring results now and for years to come.

1. Schedule Your Free Brand Review

During this meeting we will help you clarify your mission and purpose, understand your target market, and define your best product attributes. Think of it as a brand “audit” that reveals your brands strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

2. Discover, Build, and Align

Once you’ve hired REDKOR, we will conduct extensive customer research to better understand how your customers see you. From this vantage point, we’ll then create and test design concepts, build touchpoints, and create a style guide for your team.

3. Enjoy an Evergreen Brand Strategy

Finally, we’ll finish off your brand launch with training so your team knows how to represent your new brand consistently. You can expect more leads, increased sales, improved brand awareness, and ultimately, a greater marketing ROI.

We Brand for Every Organization

Corporate Branding

Using science, art and story to grow your marketing ROI

Product Packaging

Using consumer data to stand out in a crowd

Restaurant Branding

Using customer research to create an immersive experience

Municipal Branding

Using science, art, and story to enhance your community

Branded Spaces

Transform your organization into a total experience


Using a complete branding system to build a legacy of growth

What Makes REDKOR Different?

While many branding agencies minimize the importance of customer research and instead opt for a “quick and easy” approach, at REDKOR we understand it is only through extensive customer research that you can create relevant and meaningful visuals and messaging that consistently spark curiosity and emotional engagement in your target market.

From there, brand visibility grows, your customer base expands, and revenue increases.

That’s why we created our proprietary Branding Research System to gather extensive customer insights on the front end: customer surveys, social media polls, and more, resulting in tangible, qualitative data that will guide your marketing efforts going forward.

Hundreds of brands have experienced the REDKOR difference. Now it’s your turn. 

Meet the REDKOR Team

The REDKOR team hails from top universities across the country, and includes experts in marketing, branding, design, copywriting, customer research, and more. 

Learn more about partners Rushford M. Lee and Mark Orton, as well as the rest of the experts on our team.

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