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Restaurant Branding

Using customer research to create an immersive experience

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Tasteful & Effective: REDKOR’s Restaurant Marketing Strategy

REDKOR’s restaurant branding is to your success what your most popular recipe is to your business: delightful and guaranteed to wow the masses!

  • We begin with in-depth customer research, finding out exactly what will elicit the emotional response that helps to build brand loyalty. 
  • From there, we infuse that data into your messaging, design, and marketing, building alignment across everything from your logo, to your menus, to your online presence, to your restaurant aesthetic.
  • Finally, we leave you with a Brand & Marketing Playbook your team can turn to every time they engage with customers, both in person and online.

Long-term. Customer research-backed. Consistent and effective. 

That’s the REDKOR difference.

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See a REDKOR Restaurant Branding Playbook in Action:

REDKOR’s work has been amazing. We have really appreciated working with Rushford and REDKOR Brands. It was a very collaborative and open environment.

Ashley SouthwickThrive Foods

I highly recommend REDKOR as a professional organization that will help grow sales and the bottom line. They are the best research and design organization I have ever worked with!

Steve CraneNational Sales Manager FatBoy Premium Ice Cream

REDKOR has given me great service, great quality design work, and their research methods made our consumer studies fast, meaningful, and very beneficial in the process. I will use RED in the future and would recommend them to anyone.

Paul ReedDirector of Marketing Norbest

3 Reasons Restaurant Brands Choose REDKOR

Messaging that Excites

REDKOR starts with customer data to find out exactly what will resonate with your customers on an emotional level, inspiring engagement over and over again.

Consistency Across All Mediums

From menus, to signage, to atmospherics, to your online presence, our branding process ensures you show up consistently for your customers every time.

Brand Recognition & Loyalty

With emotionally driven and consistent branding, your restaurant will soon be renowned for its signature tastes and unique personality.

“A great restaurant brand strategy builds on a vision, is aligned with business strategy, emerges from a company’s values and culture, and reflects an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs and perceptions.”


Alina Wheeler
Author of Designing Brand Identity

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with a Package Tailored to Your Needs

What if you had a “playbook” to guide every marketing decision… for every segment of your business?

  • You could have dedicated, effective brand campaigns for not only your parent company, but each child company as well.
  • You’d get more done with fewer people, eliminating duplicate efforts and freeing up management to work on other initiatives.
  • Leads, conversions, and sales would grow.
  • Every part of your brand and messaging would inspire clarity and confidence, making you a recognized industry leader.

That’s the idea behind the REDKOR Brand & Marketing Playbook. Find out how we’ve used these principles to transform over 500 corporate brand campaigns and counting.

I have worked with Rushford and Redkor for 5+ years now, creating two new brands and rebranding two others. Their ability to bring life to design and strike emotion with our customers has been paramount to the success of our brands. I have recommended them to many others and will continue to do so. Quality work and a professional experience.

Travis ChristoffersonNutristore