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Corporate Branding

Using science, art, and story to grow your marketing ROI

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Bringing Longevity to Your Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days of wasting money every quarter on a “shiny new marketing plan.”

At REDKOR, we believe in creating corporate brand campaigns that last, because consistency is critical in building the level of brand equity that actually pays off.

  • We begin with in-depth customer research, finding out exactly what drives your target market and what will elicit the emotional response to drive buying decisions. 
  • From there, we infuse that data into your messaging, design, and marketing, building alignment across your entire corporate brand to create long-term loyalty. 
  • Finally, we leave you with a Brand & Marketing Playbook you can turn to over and over again.

Science-backed. Customer-driven. ROI-focused. That’s the REDKOR difference.

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See a REDKOR Corporate Branding Playbook in Action:

Working with REDKOR was money well spent. The value for what you get is the best I’ve seen from a branding agency.

Bryan GreenCOO, Infinite Mind

REDKOR has been an excellent resource that has helped us get consumer packaged goods and concepts sold into Walmart. Their research gives us great consumer behavior insight that allows us to present solid data supporting the packaging design/direction we take with our brands.

Jay WrightDirector of Marketing, ICON Health & Fitness

REDKOR has provided so much value to our company I can’t even quantify or qualify how much they’ve added since we started with them.

Jason BudgeCo-Founder, Thrive Life

3 Reasons Corporate Brands Choose REDKOR

More Leads

With consistent, clear, effective, and emotionally-driven branding and  messaging, potential customers will finally be clear on your company’s value-add. This creates more leads and better conversions!

Increased Sales

More leads and better conversions inevitably lead to increased sales… It’s the happy byproduct of aligning your team and answering your customers’ needs so they can become loyal to the brand!

Higher Retention

With reliable data on your target market (and a playbook that effectively documents and illustrates it), you can create targeted campaigns that win business over and over again, creating customers for life!

“Your brand is the single most important investment  you can make in your business.”


Steve Forbes
Editor in Chief, Forbes Magazine

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with a Package Tailored to Your Needs

What if you had a “playbook” to guide every marketing decision… for every segment of your business?

  • You could have dedicated, effective brand campaigns for not only your parent company, but each child company as well.
  • You’d get more done with fewer people, eliminating duplicate efforts and freeing up management to work on other initiatives.
  • Leads, conversions, and sales would grow.
  • Every part of your brand and messaging would inspire clarity and confidence, making you a recognized industry leader.

That’s the idea behind the REDKOR Brand & Marketing Playbook. Find out how we’ve used these principles to transform over 500 corporate brand campaigns and counting.

We’ve turned to REDKOR many times over the years to help guide our marketing decisions and strengthen our brand. Their insight, creative design, and consumer-based research has helped us formulate a more strategic marketing plan, and we’ve seen excellent results from their work. Our partnership with RED has been a very worthwhile investment, and the impact of their work has had an extensive shelf life with our business.

Jason BudgeOwner