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Branded Spaces

Transform your organization into a total experience

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Use Branding to Turn Your Organization into an Experience

A brand isn’t just a logo or a business card, it is the total relationship people consistently have with your organization—from employees, to c-suite executives, to your customers. And at REDKOR, we treat that relationship with the respect it deserves.

  • We begin with in-depth research, discovering what drives your target market and whether your brand is in alignment with those metrics.
  • From there, we infuse that data into your physical space with signage, colors, and physical touchpoints that reinforce your intended experience.
  • Finally, we leave you with a Brand & Marketing Playbook you can use as a long-term guide.

Reach out to REDKOR to see how we transform the color swatches and typography seen on your print materials and website into a 3D adventure at your place of business.

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See a REDKOR Designed Spaces in Action:

REDKOR’s depth and breadth of experience in research discovery, design, and well-honed, proven processes has never failed to deliver the amazing results I have now come to expect.

Ernie BayManaging Member Red Creek Tactical

We have worked with Rushford Lee and Redkor for many years. He and his associates have brought beautiful creativity to us in branding, in all its aspects. We trust his work, and we also trust him.

Alan Hess

They really helped us to form our brand… as a young company, to have kind of a presence where we looked official, looked legitimate.

Jason BudgeCo-Founder Thrive Life

3 Reasons Businesses Choose REDKOR for Branding their Space

Research-Backed Approach

At REDKOR we always start by learning about your stakeholders: customers, employees, management, and more. This research then guides our design choices so you can emotionally engage all of them at every level.

Consistency Across Mediums

Cohesiveness is crucial when building brand equity. Whether online or in your lobby, you can trust that your brand will evoke feelings of consistency and reliability in your shareholders.

Increased Brand Visibility

By turning your office, storefront, or any other space into an immersive brand experience, you’ll reinforce your brand’s visibility and position your company as memorable and trustworthy.

“The most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces everything else.”


Wally Otins
Noted Brand Strategist

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with a Package Tailored to Your Needs

What if you had a “playbook” to guide every marketing decision?

  • The process of branding any of your spaces would be drastically simplified.
  • Every part of your brand and messaging would inspire clarity and confidence.
  • Duplicated efforts would disappear.
  • You’d get more done with fewer people, freeing up management to work on other initiatives.
  • Your company would become an industry leader.

That’s the idea behind the REDKOR Brand & Marketing Playbook. Find out how we’ve used these principles to transform over 500 brand campaigns—including dozens of spaces—and counting.

REDKOR developed a series of fresh brand concepts and sub branding along with important secondary logos and taglines that were tested with our customers…. then extended the mood and tone of the brand design [to] develop a new corporate style guide covering all aspects, such as corporate materials, signage, web, uniforms, and store interiors. This guide has been critical as we extend the brand to new store interiors and exteriors.

Nathan JarvisDirector of Marketing, Deseret Book