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Branding that Grows Your Marketing ROI

Why the REDKOR process works

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Trusted to create over 500 successful brand campaigns since 1996:

Put an End to Ineffective Marketing

Your brand is the first thing people see when they interact with and think of your company—and it can have a major impact on business results. But getting buy-off on branding expenses can be challenging without hard numbers around improved ROI.

At REDKOR, we provide you with a practical, research-backed Brand & Marketing Playbook that gives everyone on your team in-depth guidance on your company’s target market, message, design, and overall marketing strategy.

If you’re ready to simplify branding and marketing and finally see a tangible ROI, reach out today.

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Working with REDKOR was a fantastic experience. Not only do they have great talent and creativity, but they are easy to work with and are very responsive. They were able to solve our complex rebranding situation and balanced many internal views and opinions to find the solution that was just right for us.

Julie WarnickClyde Corporation

Redkor has to be the most customer centric brand agency I have worked with. They have a great process for getting your brand identity on paper and really roll out the red carpet with you throughout the process. My team felt empowered as we worked with them and we are very happy with the results.

Bentley Folkman

[They are] the best at what they do! When it come to brand creation no one come close to RED! Their vision and execution is next level. Will definitely use again.

Bart Mills

Stellar service! We so appreciated how personal and informative the process was to complete our project. The team was accessible, responsive, and made the experience a pleasure. To top it off, the applicability and access to the final work went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you REDKOR.

Heidi Stringham

Love their work. Truly experienced brand design and strategy firm. They are fantastic professionals and do top-notch work. I highly recommend them.

Dave Hansen

Not only did REDKOR provide a fantastic service, they have followed up with us year after year to see how they can support us with our branding… We were happy with the branding process but even more happy with the follow up support.

Mayor Hall
The Why

More Leads, Better Conversion, Increased Sales, Higher Retention

Everything in business is about the return on investment. At the end of the day, you want to know your hard-earned marketing dollars are being well-spent and creating visible, bottom-line results for your company… after all, those results are the tangible proof that you’re providing real value to your customer.

The What

Emotionally-Driven, Clear, Consistent Visuals & Messaging

Did you know that over 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values? This means that in order to get to the bottom-line results you want, you’re going to have to show up consistently and effectively, with visuals and messaging that cultivate curiosity and encourages engagement from your customer.

The How

Customer Research-Backed Branding, Messaging & Marketing

It all starts with having a solid foundation of customer research. You have to know what your target market wants, needs, and lives for. You have to know their ambitions and concerns; their hopes, dreams, and fears. And you need to know how this all translates to your brand. That’s where REDKOR comes in.

The REDKOR Process: In-depth, Effective, and Built to Last


Know Your Customer

It seems simple, but most branding agencies gloss over (or even skip) this step. But at REDKOR we understand that getting this foundation right will pay dividends in all of your branding efforts. That’s why we’ve created a proprietary customer research process for collecting all the important data you’ll need to inform your branding decisions going forward.

Build Alignment

At REDKOR, we teach clients that there are 3 key areas of branding:

  1. Messaging (the words)
  2. Design (how it all looks)
  3. Marketing (the strategy)

The secret to a successful brand is getting all 3 of these aligned, and  REDKOR helps you do exactly that using tools like brand themes and emotional mapping.


Consistently Run the Play

Effective marketing is an exercise in memorization, and consistency builds lucrative brand equity. REDKOR makes this all possible with a playbook you can turn to over and over again. It allows everyone—from your front-desk receptionist to your CEO—to represent your brand consistently, concentrating your marketing efforts and making you more memorable to your customers.

A Brand & Marketing Playbook:
Your Long-term Solution to Marketing

The crown jewel of REDKOR’s proprietary, research-backed approach is a comprehensive Brand & Marketing Playbook that empowers you to make smart, consistent marketing decisions again, and again, and again. Here’s what’s included:

Customer Profile

To help you truly understand what your customer thinks and feels so you can emotionally connect with them.

Emotional Map

Which distills the emotional benefits your customers experience when interacting with your brand.

Brand Key Themes

To give you power words and phrases you can use over and over again in your marketing.

Customer Stories & Key Messages

To give you consistent pillars, straight from your audience, around which to build your marketing.

Brand Narrative

Which pulls together all of your key elements into a one-page story you can use throughout all of your marketing.

Brand Logo

Designed to trigger the right perceptions in your audience and tell the story of your brand from the very first touch.

Brand Colors, Typography & Photo Styling

To help you reiterate, through design, the emotion you want to elicit in your customers.

Extended Brand Visualization

To show you how all of the work we’ve done will translate across a variety of mediums.

Detailed Marketing Plan

To start you off with you a clear strategy, goals, and plan for execution to take you through the next 6-12 months.

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Stop Throwing Mud at the Wall.

Choose a Research-backed Approach.

While many branding agencies minimize the importance of customer research and instead opt for a “quick and easy” approach, at REDKOR we understand it is only through extensive customer research that you can consistently create emotional engagement with your target market. 

It all starts with our proprietary Branding Research System: we use customer surveys, social media polls, and more to gather extensive customer insights on the front end, resulting in tangible, qualitative data. Then we package it in an easy-to-follow playbook that will guide your branding, messaging, and marketing efforts going forward.

Over time, the foundation we help you build will lead to valuable brand equity, a larger and more loyal customer base, and increased revenue. 

Research-backed, ROI-focused, clear and consistent. 

That’s the REDKOR difference. 

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