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Construction Branding

Using a complete branding system to build a legacy of growth

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Build a Solid Foundation for Success

Whether you’re trying to attract new clients or new employees, a cohesive brand is a solid foundation you can build on for lasting ROI and supported growth.

  • We begin with in-depth client and employee research to find out exactly what drives their emotional responses so you can build brand loyalty.
  • Then we infuse that data into your messaging, design, and marketing, building alignment across everything from your logo to your uniforms, vehicles, signage, printed materials, online presence, and more.
  • Finally, we leave you with a Brand & Marketing Playbook your team can turn to whenever they’re engaging with clients or employees.

Long-term. Customer research-backed. Consistent and effective.

That’s the REDKOR difference.

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See a REDKOR Construction Branding Playbook in Action:

Our team and clients alike absolutely love our rebrand! As part of the journey we obtained incredible information / feedback from our team and clients pertaining to our products / total service offering. Incorporating this feedback into our rebrand was essential. This unified us as we came together in our rebrand. We continue to use Rushford and his team. We greatly value the relationship we have developed over the years working together.

Chad HirschiHirschi Companies

3 Reasons Construction Companies Choose REDKOR

Messaging Built for Retention

REDKOR’s complete branding system always starts with in-depth client and employee research to pinpoint the messaging that will resonate with all of your audiences for long-term retention.

Consistency Across All Mediums

From your vehicles, to your uniforms, signage, proposals, invoices, and business cards, our branding process ensures you show up consistently every time.

Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Emotionally-driven, consistent branding will make it easy for clients and employees alike to know the quality they can expect when they interact with your company.

“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.”


Jonathan Mildenhall
Marketing & Advertising Thought Leader

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with a Package Tailored to Your Needs

What if you had a “playbook” to guide every marketing decision?

  • Your brand and messaging would inspire clarity, confidence, and curiosity.
  • Each member of your team would know the tenets behind your brand, and how to employ them in every client interaction.
  • You’d get more done with fewer people, eliminating wasted costs and duplicated efforts.
  • Your client base—and their loyalty—would grow.

That’s the idea behind the REDKOR Brand & Marketing Playbook. Find out how we’ve used these principles to transform over 500 brand campaigns and counting.

Working with REDKOR was a fantastic experience. Not only do they have great talent and creativity, but they are easy to work with and are very responsive. They were able to solve our complex rebranding situation and balanced many internal views and opinions to find the solution that was just right for us.

Julie WarnickClyde Corporation