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Brand & Marketing Playbook

Learn more about REDKOR’s signature tool for marketing success

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“Your brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability”


Jason Hartman
Author of Become the Brand of Choice

What if you had a “playbook” to guide every marketing decision?

  • Every part of your brand and messaging would inspire clarity and confidence.
  • Wasted costs and duplicated efforts would disappear.
  • You’d get more done with fewer people, freeing up management to work on other initiatives.
  • Leads, conversions, and sales would grow.
  • Your brand would become a recognized industry leader.

That’s the idea behind the REDKOR Brand & Marketing Playbook. Find out how we’ve used these principles to transform over 500 brand campaigns and counting.

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3 Reasons Brands Choose REDKOR to Build Their Brand & Marketing Playbook

Consistency Yields Brand Visibility

Research suggests that customers need 7-20 touches with your brand before they’ll remember it. By keeping your message and design consistent, you concentrate your efforts and make your brand more memorable.

Marketing Budgets Stretch Further

Sure, the time, work, and research needed to create an effective Playbook might cost more upfront, but it gives you massive leverage for years to come, making your marketing dollars exponentially more efficient.

Brands Build Long-Term Loyalty

With reliable data on your target market neatly outlined in your Playbook, you can create targeted campaigns that win business over and over again, creating brand equity and customers for life!

“They were able to solve our complex rebranding situation and balanced many internal views and opinions to find the solution that was just right for us.”

Julie WarnickClyde Corporation

Bringing Longevity to Your Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days of the quarterly “New Marketing Plan,” throwing mud at the wall just to see what will stick.

We’ve designed the Brand & Marketing Playbook to be a long-term, comprehensive guide you can use to inform your marketing campaigns again and again. It’ll get everyone from your front desk receptionist to your CEO on the same page, turning your entire team into spokespeople for your brand.

Through consistency and efficiency you’ll build a customer base that is both loyal and engaged, growing your brand equity and your marketing ROI for years to come.

Included in Your Brand & Marketing Playbook

Customer Profile

To help you truly understand what your customer thinks and feels so you can emotionally connect with them.

Emotional Map

Which distills the emotional benefits your customers experience when interacting with your brand.

Brand Key Themes

To give you power words and phrases you can use over and over again in your marketing.

Customer Stories & Key Messages

To give you consistent pillars, straight from your audience, around which to build your marketing.

Brand Narrative

Which pulls together all of your key elements into a one-page story you can use throughout all of your marketing.

Brand Logo

Designed to trigger the right perceptions in your audience and tell the story of your brand from the very first touch.

Brand Colors & Typography

To help you reiterate, through design, the emotion you want to elicit in your customers.

Brand Photo Styling, Visualization & More

To show you how all of the work we’ve done will translate across a variety of mediums.

Detailed Marketing Plan

To start you off with you a clear strategy, goals, and plan for execution to take you through the next 6-12 months.

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I have been working with the principals at RED for over ten years [on] numerous projects for multiple companies. I am consistently amazed at their ability to take the abstract and undefined thoughts, ideas, and concepts from the minds of company executives, customers, and market research and form them into cohesive, comprehensive, and highly effective media and marketing strategies!

Ernie BrayManaging Member, Red Creek Tactical