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About REDKOR Brands:

Meet Our Branding Experts

Trusted to create over 500 successful brand campaigns since 1996:

The Client that Changed Our Lives…

The year was 2001. We had been in the design business for 5 years, and our process looked much like what you see at most agencies today: talk to the client, create art, present choices, and let the client make a guess as to what might work with their target market. Sometimes, this approach worked. Most of the time? It was like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what would stick. 

That winter, we were presenting 3 new design concepts to a particular client. Without data to back up any of our recommendations, the different decision-makers were left to their own devices regarding the direction of their product line. The heated discussion escalated into a full-blown fight, and for our safety, security escorted us out of the building.

There had to be a better way!

After that client, we teamed up with research scientists Gary Rhodes and David Whitlark from Brigham Young University. They helped us craft our customized research process that we still use today. Finally, we were able to give our clients branding recommendations based on concrete customer data instead of shooting in the dark!

Unfortunately, most design agencies today are still operating on that old model. They offer irrelevant branding advice, waste valuable marketing dollars on unproven strategies, and turn board rooms into potential boxing rings. If you’re ready for something better, reach out to REDKOR today.

Experience Something Different.

Experience REDKOR.

Consistent & Effective

Our own brand is built upon a foundation of showing up consistently, and we have a tried-and-true formula for creating brand campaigns that work (plus the testimonials to prove it).

Customer Focused

And not just our client… we’re focused on their customer, too. Because at REDKOR brands, we understand that a successful brand always begins with the end customer in mind.

Results Oriented

Our process ensures that you’ll quickly see increased sales, greater ROI, and improved customer relationships, because a marketing strategy is only worth the real results you get. 

Rushford M. Lee

Partner & CEO

Rushford graduated in Industrial Design and Graphics from Brigham Young University. After graduation, he designed in Los Angeles with Trendmark, working with companies like Mattel, Honda Motorcycles, and Jim Beam. 

Rushford moved back to Utah in 1980 and became Senior Design Director at a display manufacturing firm, then president of a winter clothing company. Finally, in 1994, Rushford Lee and Larry Ross created RRO design, which became REDKOR in 2013.

Mark Orton

Partner & Head of Design

Mark graduated top of his class with a Bachelor’s degree from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, with an emphasis in branding and packaging. 

Mark started his career with Hamagami/Carroll, Inc. of Los Angeles. While there, he worked with clients including Disney, Warner Brothers, ToyBiz, Healthy Choice, Hardee’s and Regis. In 2000 Mark moved to Utah, bringing his dynamic flair and critical eye to REDKOR, through his partner company KorCreative.

The RedKor Team

At REDKOR, we understand that collaboration is key to bringing you the best service possible. That’s why some of our team members are internal, and some are partnerships we’ve formed with the best in the industry. 

Learn more about all of the REDKOR experts and their companies, below.

Ron Gailey


Ron Gailey, our go-to guy for any customer research needs, has directed market research at two Fortune 500 banks and Coca-Cola across Asia. He is the founder of OnPointe Insights, a research company devoted to helping civic leaders—particularly mayors, city managers, and city councils—with their challenges.

Amy Kendall

Messaging & Story

Amy Kendall is fascinated by the art and science of telling a good story and finding the right words to connect businesses with their customers. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, she and her team at Hello Story help REDKOR clients develop the messages and copy that draw in their audiences and convert them to excited customers.

Tami Enfield


With noteworthy certifications from StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, Tami Enfield is a highly regarded expert in authentically connecting corporate and personal brands to their customers, both on and offline. She's the founder of Brand Yourself Consulting, a social media marketing agency that serves local startups up to billion-dollar corporations.

Josh Webber

Website Development

Driven toward constant improvement, Josh Webber’s true passion is empowering his Big Red Jelly team to help local business owners do better business online through effective branding, web design, and digital marketing. When not working, Josh loves hiking, canyoneering, playing rugby, listening to EDM, watching basketball, or cooking.

Dallin Millard

Graphic Designer, Art Director

Dallin’s has over 13 years of design experience with skills that range from brand development, logo design, editorial design, stationery systems, and signage, as well as web concepts and implementation. He brings a unique and valuable perspective to the art of branding.

Cassie Moore

Admin Assistant

Cassie Moore’s years of administrative experience make her the glue that holds together all of our moving parts. She’s detail-oriented to the extreme, and “loves handling all of the little things others hate.” Clients appreciate her quick turnaround and the way she helps everything run smoothly here at REDKOR.

““Great experience working with Redkor! I have to admit I was wondering if the investment would be worth it and the work behind it, but when we got to our final design we were THRILLED with the results. Great to work with and very good quality!””

Nathan ShawNathan Layne

““Our team and clients alike absolutely love our rebrand! The journey of rebranding can be overwhelming. Rushford and his team at RedKor eased any and all of our reservations. Their approach is engaging and well defined. As part of the journey we obtained incredible information/ feedback from our team and clients pertaining to our products/ total service offering. Incorporating this feedback into our rebrand was essential. This unified us as we came together in our rebrand. We continue to use Rushford and his team. We greatly value the relationship we have developed over the years working together.””

Chad HirschiHirschi Masonry

““We’ve turned to RED many times over the years to help guide our marketing decisions and strengthen our brand. Their insight, creative design, and consumer-based research has helped us formulate a more strategic marketing plan, and we’ve seen excellent results from their work.””

Jason BudgeOwner, Thrive Life

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