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Branding agencies come in all types and sizes. So many designers afford you creative, beautiful logos, signage, and print. So why hire REDKOR amongst the sea of choices?

When we opened our doors in 1996, we were one of the regular design agencies that you see today. We provided design work for companies. Our process started with talking to our clients, creating art, presenting choices, and then our client’s guessed at what would work in the market place to deliver the story and the sizzle for products and brands. Sometimes this tactic worked, and other times it was? a flat out mess.

During the winter of 2001, we had one meeting, in particular, where we presented three new concept. Different decision-makers contended about what direction to go on the product line. We had our hunches about what would work, and years of experience helped us produce excellent art. However, we didn’t have any data to back up our strategy. Two guys at the meeting got in a fight. For our safety, security escorted us out of the building.

Around the same time, we were in another meeting with a direct sales company. The sales leaders came together to approve product packaging. The top distributors all had their personal brand and culture to maintain. They had strong opinions about what works and what doesn’t. We were left again and again at the drawing table to appease the views of all these decision-makers.

We had to find a better way.

That’s when we teamed up with research scientists Gary Rhodes and David Whitlark from Brigham Young University. They helped us craft a customized research process for our clients. Rather than relying on hunches and best guesses, we had a system that was quantified by research, and numbers. We had data to back up the why of our design choices and had a proven method to pull emotion from our brand research. The system works. Consistently and reliably, we take brands through this process. The result is phenomenal! We have successfully launched over 500 regional and national brands over the last 24 years. The brand connects consumers with an emotional response, which by research, we know that 94% of people said they’d be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with.
After we implemented our research system, we came back to the direct sales company with designs that were backed up with research. Rather than a fight about whose opinion was most prestigious, the study confirmed what direction would garner the most impact with the consumers. The decision was simple, and everyone was happy.

We could provide our clients the concrete data of consumers choices and their own words about their decisions.

For REDKOR creating a brand means having a reliable system to showcase your vision, mission, and purpose in a way that resonates and connects with customers. We design images, colors, photography, and elements that reinforce your message and inspire consumer confidence. REDKOR’s strategy organizes emotional responses and memories consumers have with your brand and quantifies the why behind the design choices.

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Three easy steps to get started


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During this FREE in-person meeting, we will help you clarify your mission and purpose, see the direction of your next product line, understand your target market, and define your best product attributes and top benefits.


Hire your new branding team

We will uncover where you are as a company, clearly see your competitive edge, and begin qualitative research to understand how your customers see you. We then develop the keywords and the key benefits you offer, as the start of your story. We create design-concepts, followed by testing to see their impact. After finalizing the design, we will create a style guide for your team.


Enjoy the ride that comes with a brand launch!

Enjoy seeing the fruits of your new brand and strategy! We expect you to see increased sales, connect you to more customers, and grow your brand awareness. The best part comes when you start seeing a return on your investment.

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The first step for every branding product is to conduct a free stakeholder audit.