Project Scope: Outdoor Signage, Indoor Signage, Logo Redesign, Tagline, Uniforms, Hand Lettering, Retail Bags, Interior Design Concepts for Stores, Catalogue Design Concepts, Corporate Styleguide

Deseret Book had hung on to it’s old branding since the 1970s- and by the time they came to RED were long overdue for a branding facelift. RED conducted insight research and hired KOR to interpret it into a viable brand that would preserve the company’s rich heritage while bringing them into the 21st century. We used more modern type face and combined it with a fake heritage logo that appeared as if it could have been the very first logo the company had ever used. We chose to use the handwriting style of the store’s founder, George Q. Cannon, to add the year that the company was established. The last touch was to swap the old coloration for something new and vibrant, and the result was a brand that is both firmly rooted in its heritage and still relevant today.

Client: Deseret Book