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Corporate Branding Services in Provo

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Why Corporate Branding is Critical to Success

Corporate branding is essential to the growth and survival of modern companies. As markets of every kind are infused with more and more options, it is no longer simply a perk to stand out in the crowd. These days, you must create a unique persona for your company to survive at all. Consumers need immediate satisfaction more than ever, and branding creates a split-second impression that can entice or repel potential customers. Quality branding can convey a lot about a company in unexpected ways and gives you a fighting chance in today’s fast-paced market.

For small businesses in Provo, branding is particularly essential. It is impossible to compete with the budget and resources of international businesses, and because of this, you must employ branding that makes a significant and positive impression. Without such branding, you have no hope of standing out enough to achieve the client base that you may deserve. Fortunately, you can develop a brand that works effectively against competing corporations of any size.

It sounds strange, but many consumers will develop brand loyalty if they see a company as a unique entity with a personality of sorts. Humans provide a good example of this phenomenon: people with strong and unique personalities generally have more friends and attention than those who try to blend in. The same is true for corporations. The more you can convey a well-rounded and unique corporate personality to your customers, the more attached they will feel. Achieving this is possible for any company with quality branding agency services. You can, and should, hire a corporate branding agency to help you develop your company’s unique personality so that you can begin to stand out in your market.


REDKOR – Who We Are

At REDKOR, we pride ourselves on being a unique corporate branding company. Unlike other similar companies, our branding is based on research, not simply on emotion or creative interpretation. Though we, of course, use emotion in our branding (that’s one of the backbones of marketing, after all), we use tailored research to ensure that those emotions have the largest possible impact for your company.

Our process centers around consumer research to ensure that the brand will work as intended. We do not work on assumptions — we work on facts and figures. Our research eliminates inside and biased perspectives about what is going well and what is going poorly within a company and moves outside of the organization to the opinions of the consumer. We use our market research to develop a brand strategy that we know will work because we received the foundation straight from the consumers themselves. We continue to use this evidence-based branding because it has been successful for us for decades.

The Provo corporate market presents unique challenges to its companies. Most corporate branding services will ignore the specificity of location-based markets and go straight for the universal emotion-based campaigns. We take our time. At REDKOR, we use our exclusive research methods to ensure that your branding fits right into the Provo market and allows you to navigate the complexities of local corporations with confidence. Utilizing research gives you maximum results for your branding efforts and allows you to become competitive in Provo markets and beyond.


The REDKOR Method

Our branding services process is much more standardized than many other companies in the corporate branding world. Because we use a set method, we can walk our customers through the process before we begin. Our corporate branding services process generally goes like this:

Stakeholder Audit

Before we do anything, we meet with you to determine your goals. During this phase, we spend time getting to know your corporation and truly understanding where you are on your branding and marketing journeys. We use empathetic conversation to understand your goals for the project and how we can help you to achieve them. These goals then become the guidelines for the process.

Competitive Audit

To get a good idea of how to best approach your branding, we have to understand what you’re up against. We look at other corporations in your industry and determine what they are doing well and where there is an opportunity for you to fill a gap. During this phase, we also look at the industry as a whole and determine what unique spot your corporation can occupy within it. If there are any branding gaps, filling them could be the key to a unique rebrand and quick success.

Love Group Audit and Research

After we talk to the professionals, we talk to the experts. By this, we mean that we talk to your clients. Your customers are your top priority, and for that reason, we have to understand what they think of you. Why do they like you? What do you do well? Where are you falling short?  Our goal here is to understand overall perception, and throughout the process, we may also be able to determine key traits that we can highlight throughout the campaign.

Story Creation and Content

We use the traits and opinions gleaned from your clients to create a jumping-off point for the message of your branding. Though visuals are important to a branding effort, the message is truly key. We will decide which strengths and messages we want to highlight throughout the process and distill your company down to a brand outline.

Creative Design Concepts

This phase is perhaps the most stereotypical part of the branding process. It is during this time that we will determine font choices, color schemes, fonts, outlines, and other visuals that are important to brand cohesion. We don’t settle on one just yet and usually create several options during this phase.

Concept Testing

Before we can go further, we check back in with the client. Once you determine what you like about your options, we present them to your clients for evaluation. We then take the ones that you like and approach your customers again. This research ensures that the rebrand is well-received and based on continuous research with your customers. This circle back to the consumer perfects the design and allows you to really hone in on a successful campaign.


Notable Brands In Provo

It is good to have local inspiration to draw from when beginning the branding process. Several companies right here in Provo have branding campaigns that are successful at conveying a powerful emotion. Examples include:

Nu Skin Enterprises

As one of Provo’s most prominent corporations, Nu Skin focuses confidence in its branding efforts. As a natural health company, Nu Skin understands that their clients are likely using their products to gain confidence about themselves and their choices. By bringing this message into their branding, they invoke that feeling in shoppers before they even begin to browse. Their unique font choices, bold colors, and smiling models all display the confidence that clients are surely looking for.

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is a Provo-based corporation focused on smart home security systems. They use the emotion of pride to inspire customers to purchase a smart home security system. Their layouts are straightforward and modern and suggest that by buying a Vivint Smart Home system, consumers may begin to feel pride in their homes as well.


As a design and tech company, Qualtrics is a Provo company that uses its mission right in its design. Their layout is modern and tech-heavy, showcasing their strengths and talent from the beginning. Their fonts and colors are sleek and minimalist and invoke the same sense of wanting to belong as Apple does with their products. Fear of missing out is a great motivator, especially in the tech world where everyone feels that they need the latest gadget.


Contact REDKOR

Almost every brand can benefit from evidence-based support. If you are ready to create branding that is proven to work, contact REDKOR Brand Campaigns. Decades of using our research-based methods have given us the experience and understanding to tackle any branding project with ease and expertise.