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A REDKOR Branding and Messaging PlayBook is a book compilation of the customized and personalized branding and designing processes REDKOR Brands creates for its clients. Spearheaded by REDKOR Brands, it contains everything that your company stands for and aims for, the reasons behind its logos, colors, and typography, the company’s vision and mission statements, and the company’s message to its customers.

In short, a PlayBook is a tangible, powerful representation of your company, what it stands for, and what it aims to achieve.

REDKOR Brands takes pride in all of the PlayBooks it has produced over the years. It not only shows the many brands the agency has worked with. It also shows its meticulous research processes, the trustworthiness it has established with its clients, its outstanding work in conveying the message of the company, how it connects the company to its intended audience, and how it helps the company achieve its goals.

Each of our marketing campaigns should be a brand campaign. We build equity in our brand when we are consistent in our voice, our visuals, and all that we say and do. Brand marketing is about our audience memorizing our message, and if we change our message (or visuals) all the time, we never build equity. The purpose of this PlayBook is to make that consistency easy.

Ultimately, a REDKOR Branding and Messaging PlayBook will help you bolster the already existing strengths of your company. REDKOR Brands’ strategy organizes emotional responses and memories consumers have with your brand and quantifies the why behind the design choices.

Furthermore, its extensive research and years of experience will guarantee you a more empowered branding and designing strategy for your company. If you are on the fence about getting one (A PLAYBOOK) for your business, just take a look at a single PlayBook that we have created and let its success speak for itself. Take a look at this example and consider what a PlayBook would do for your product, company, or campaign.

We’ve been creating and recreating PlayBook Branding and Messaging for over 25 years. We have the expertise and tools to help build your ROI.