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    1. Your city brand is much more than a logo. It is everything that defines you. Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business, and your city is a business. 
    2. Some of those who work with the city see it as a non-profit organization, but in reality, that’s not true. You’re competing with every city around you to build the city, attract people to it and have them be part of your city family and more importantly tax base. Money spent to make this happen is a critical investment. Not just the brand, but the consistency behind the brand and the brand messaging. 
    3. To have the brand last over time you must engage your Stake Holder Group, City Council, residents, employees and local business. Most cities or design firms try to skip this step because it makes the project harder, but it’s the only way to develop a brand that will last.
    4. It’s critical that everyone within the city management becomes an advocates for the brand. Help them to know the why of the brand and they will stand behind it and educate the rest of the city
    5. Make sure the new city brand is easy to read from a distance. The city has so many assets that will have the brand on it. Trucks, emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, trash cans, buildings, etc. Develop a brand mark that can be read easily from a block away. 
    6. Too many city brands end up being great illustrations or works of arts. There is a place for that, but not in the cities brand mark. Make the brand simple, easy to read and stand for the heritage of the city
    7. Make sure you build the city’s branded messaging. Who are we, what do we stand for, every city employee, resident and vendor should know how to talk about what makes this city unique and different. 
    8. Consider that each city asset might want something just a little different for them. A differentiating bug, mark or icon. This helps the police, arts, parks to all have a story they can tell as well. 
    9. Your branding should include a complete messaging and brand guide or PlayBook. Every person in your city management, volunteers, residents should know what the city stands for and how to communicate that to the world. Nothing brings your city together more than this. 
    10. Your brand must communicate an emotional message of your heritage. What is it about your city that is special, unique and worth your brand. What is your story, why is the city here, how did it start and where does it want to go. All of this can be brought out in the right city brand.