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In REDKOR Brands, photographs help in conveying our message. It is not only a powerful addition but a necessity to the message that we deliver in our brands. Apart from visuals, photography is one of the most important ways we communicate the emotions of our brand.

Photos are everywhere. More than being just images, they are representations, expressions, and statements. Its language is universal, almost if not totally, independent of words. Minor White, an American Photographer said it best, “Photography is a language more universal than words.” Your photos are more than just a message, it is an invitation to want to know more about the brand.

Hence, the following are the elements that we, in REDKOR Brands, consider when choosing photos for your brand:

1. Choose photos that are consistent with your brand. Always have your message you want to convey. Do not choose photos just because they are pretty or on trend.

2. Choose photos that convey the emotions you would want your audience to feel. Put a reasonable amount of elements in the photo that will support your message. You need your audience to trust your brand by encouraging them to feel your desired emotions.

3. Choose photos that are genuine in nature. Your audience will know if the photos are staged or forced.

4. Choose photos that are simple and straight to the point. Complicated images may take away the message altogether. Make sure to be genuine and minimalist in the photos that you use.

5. Make sure that the photo styling and editing help in emphasizing the message in the photo. Use lighting, filters, and other editing techniques to emphasize the emotions you would want your audience to feel.

Ultimately, you would want to choose photos that are consistent with your brand’s message. Keep in mind to choose photos that are universal to all platforms of your brand, be it in print, online, packaging, billboards, etc.

In REDKOR Brands, when our audience sees other people achieving what they see as success, it’s easier to picture that happening in their own lives as well. The images we choose allow us to create a visual of the emotions and benefits we’re focusing on. Our visual style is one of our greatest first impressions because it communicates the brand immediately.

Our consistent photo style, as seen in REDKOR Brand and Message PlayBooks, shares our brand through colors, style, overall tone, props, and elements. When choosing visuals or photographs, be sure to consider brand colors, style, and message. It’s important that we’re just as consistent with our photography as we are with our colors, fonts, messages, and strategy.

When someone suggests that we do something different, ask yourself if it will build brand identity or confuse it.

Creating a brand means having a reliable system to showcase your vision, mission, and purpose in a way that resonates and connects with customers. In a Brand PlayBook, you will find images, colors, photography, and elements that reinforce your message and inspire consumer confidence. REDKOR’s strategy organizes emotional responses and memories consumers have with your brand and quantifies the why behind the design choices.

Do you have a branding challenge that you need help with? We’ve been creating and recreating the Brand PlayBook for over 25 years. We have the expertise and tools to help.

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